Top Things To Do In Austin, TX 2023

Austin is full of unique things to do and if you are like us, you’ll want to do like the locals do and “Keep Austin Weird” by enjoying the full spectrum of experiences that Austin has to offer. So if you are looking to spice up your bucket list, you have come to the right place! Here, you can find hidden gems adored by locals, such as: places to take a chilly dip, museums, cultural institutions, escape rooms, outdoor escape games, great places to have a drink, places to learn about Texas history, learn the two-step, great places to read, enjoy public art and soak in the scenery. This list has you covered!

The Ultimate Guide to Murals and Public Art in Austin 2023

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Austin’s art is the heartbeat of the city, reflecting its joy, cultural diversity and love of music. It tells a story of who this city has been, insists that we interact with the moment, and encourages us to keep the spirit of the city alive as it grows into the city that it is becoming. […]

7 of the Best Private Dining Experiences near Downtown Austin, TX Summer 2023

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These places are serving up adventurous fare from around the globe. If you’ve lived in Austin long enough, you’ve probably heard of most of these places. But did you know they each offer private dining experiences with distinctive menus in elegant settings and even have chef demonstrations? We chose restaurants that have a real artistic […]

4 Custom Hat Shops to Visit on South Congress Ave in Austin, TX

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If you are visiting Austin and love hats, these are the spots for you! Custom shaped and decorated hats are so hot right now. You’d be missing out if you don’t visit at least a couple of these places. When you are visiting Austin, you probably have some items to check off your list: Eating […]

Why is Team Building so Important?

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Spoiler alert! It has everything to do with generating engagement. A corporate group in Nashville, Tennessee plays, Escape the Box, a popular team building event. Your group has decided to gather for an offsite and the plan involves team building activities. While participating in a fun activity may be nothing new to you, you might […]

How is Team Building Done Properly?

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Hint: its not about trust falls and ropes courses anymore! A team in Austin, Texas during a team building outing plays Escape the Box, a popular team building event. You have been tasked with planning your group’s team building activity, and you are now faced with making sure you choose something that everyone will enjoy […]

5 East Austin Breweries to Try in 2022

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Austin and craft beer go hand in hand. With so many options it can be hard to decide on your next brewery stop. I checked out five East Austin breweries and ranked them 1-5. Any of these spots would make a great choice next time you’d like to enjoy a cold one. 1. Central Machine […]

I Went To SXSW 2022 And Here’s How It Went

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2022 brought all the things back that everyone loves about SXSW. Being back in person for the first time since 2020 had everyone anticipating how this year’s SXSW would compare to previous years. This year undoubtedly lived up to the expectations. Here are some of my highlights from SXSW. Exhibits This year’s emphasis was NFT […]

Spend The Day In Austin’s Instagrammable Spots in 2022

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By: Isabel Clark Austin is known for having some of the most unique Instagram-able spots in Texas. Here’s a list of how you can spend a fun day in Austin while also getting a variety of good Instagram pictures and Instagramable outfits for your feed! Lola’s Donuts Instagram: @lolasdonutsatx Start the day with some donuts […]

The Cure for Zoom Fatigue: Creativity

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So you have set the meeting agenda, your team attended a trivia game on Zoom yesterday, you have even sent out some fun prizes and asked everyone how they are doing. But you are halfway into your team meeting and everyone is yawning and can’t seem to concentrate. What’s going on? Many of the things […]