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Escape the Box begins with an informative and entertaining orientation for your group in a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere. Then, they begin an immersive, narrative game that leads groups on a rollicking adventure full of collaboration and rousing competition. Teams explore their surroundings and complete intriguing challenges, puzzles, and creative missions using our in-house tools like newspapers, maps, clues, and ciphers.

Our photo prompts lead to an abundance of wild fun and enthusiastic and creative user-generated photos, all for you to use as you please. Our events culminate in a final challenge and hilarious awards ceremony that will leave everyone laughing, connected, and joined by a sense of shared purpose.

For a deeply satisfying experience that truly engages and connects your team, get in touch!

Show your team that you appreciate all that they do by planning this morale boosting, innovative activity that they have never done before! With all that is expected of a nonprofit, it is so important to get some time to relax, play, and bond. Getting to know each other in a different light can make a big difference in working effectively as a team towards fulfilling your mission. 

This activity is inclusive, builds social-emotional connections, promotes a healthy workplace and opens the door to lasting friendships at work. When you book Escape the Box, you get corporate-level activities for a fraction of the price, making top-notch team building within reach. After your day together, your team will be restored, happy, connected and full of hilarious memories of their adventure together. 

Employees playing Escape the Box, an outdoor escape game, in Austin, TX


  • Hosted group introduction 

  • Prize ceremony with awards and diplomas

  • Date and time: any day at 1pm or 3:30pm, subject to availability

  • Choice of 3 Austin areas

  • up to 600 people

  • 2.5 hours

  • $50 per person, $500 minimum 

  • Must be a nonprofit for this rate

shocked woman and her friend taking a picture with a newspaper

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